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Brand: Singer
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Current Price: R6012.00
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This NEW Singer 14sh754 overlock is the replacement for the popular 14sh654 and has all the features you know to expect from a brand leader like Singer and at a great price.

This new Singer overlock has the added benefit of stitch width adjustment, simply by turning the thumb nut.

2, 3 or 4 thread Overlocking, with differential Feed.
Built-in rolled hem, at the touch of a button.
Flatlocking and decorative applications.
Movable knife, cut/trim off while stitching or not.
Our Singer 14sh754 overlock comes ready threaded with White cones, to start stitching immediately.
Easy lay in threading, adjustable stitch length control and adjustable differential feed mechanism to allow for gathering of fabric or sewing with stretch fabric.
Large, long cloth bed to allow easy feeding of larger Items.
Free arm sewing - remove the extension cloth bed to allow sewing of armholes and trouser cuffs.
Slant needle bar - allows excellent view of working area and means the presser foot lifts over bulky hems with easy.
Electronic speed control for maximum needle penetration even at slow speeds.
Built in carrying handle and storage area.

Stitch Functions Include - Four-Thread Stretch Mock Safety Stitch
This stitch is a favourite when sewing knit fabrics because the stitch stretches as the fabric stretches. This allows for neat and professional finishes that will not “pop” when the fabric is stretched.

Three-Thread Overlock Stitch
This Three-Thread overlock stitch provides a wonderful professional seam finish to woven fabrics. It is beneficial in preventing loosely woven fabrics from unravelling, and it offers decorative capabilities.

Three-Thread Wrapped Edge
An ideal finish for medium to lightweight fabrics. When using the Three-Thread Wrapped Edge stitch, the edges of the seams are wrapped to prevent unravelling without unnecessary bulkiness.

Three-Thread Rolled Hem
By simply moving the stitch finger dial, the overlock is converted to the rolled hem sewing mode. Beautiful Three-Thread rolled hems can be created to add an attractive finish to table linens, scarves and much more.

Three-Thread Flatlock Stitch

For true decorative flair on any project use the Flatlock stitch. Special decorative threads can be used to add texture and a dramatic embellishment effect.

Two-Thread Wrapped Edge
An elegant fine finish can be added to lightweight fabrics or knits. This delicate finish gives a couture effect and looks beautiful on finer fabrics.

Two-Thread Rolled Hem
By simply moving the stitch finger dial, the overlock is converted to the rolled hem sewing mode.

Main Features

* 1300 stitches per minute
* 3/4 thread adaptability:
* Four-thread overlock
* Three-thread overlock
* Three-thread rolled hem
* Flatlock/ladder
* Blind hem
* Rolled hem
* Auto-threading looper lever
* Adjustable stitch width (3.0 - 6.7 mm)
* Adjustable stitch length (1.0 - 4.0 mm)
* Differential feed
* Knife width adjustment
* Colour-coded threading
* Easy tension adjustment

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